Travel Insurance Through  TRAVEL GUARD

COVID-19 Reminder:

Our Trip Cancellation benefit provides coverage for specific listed reasons, such as illness or injury, weather conditions, traffic accidents and others. There is no coverage for Epidemic nor is there coverage for of traveling to a specific destination or for fear of illness.

Our plans do provide coverage if you are quarantined to an area, which prevents you from traveling or continuing on your trip, like we have seen recently with this situation. The Trip Interruption benefits would apply in that case.

If someone becomes ill with the virus prior to travel, our plans do provide coverage for an illness, which causes cancellation of travel, provided that the insurance policy was purchased prior to contracting the illness.

If the disease was contracted during the trip, plans that include a Medical benefit, will provide coverage for certain medical expenses such as hospital costs, doctor visits and prescription medication.

As mentioned in our rental agreement, we strongly recommend travel insurance to protect you from unexpected events that could spoil your vacation.

If you booked your reservation through an online travel agency, you may have already purchased an insurance plan. If you didn't purchase it at that time, or you booked directly through our website, this is your opportunity to purchase it.

Two plans are available: Traditional Travel Insurance or Cancel Anytime Insurance. The choice is yours! Click the link below for more information or to make a purchase.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is available from TRAVEL GUARD, to learn more CLICK HERE or by calling TRAVEL GUARD at 877.249.5376.