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Tropical Storm Ian - Sept 29, 2022 - 8:15am CST

Hurricane Ian is passing out of the Florida peninsula and into the Atlantic, heading toward the Carolinas.  Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach may continue to see some wind and rain, but not at extreme levels.  We will continue to monitor the Gulf of Mexico for any new storms that may head our way.

Hurricane Ian - Sept 28, 2022 - 8:30am CST

Hurricane Ian is now a Category 4 Hurricane and may become a Category 5 before making landfall today in the Tampa area.  Surrounding areas may experience Tropical Storm force winds well into the panhandle area.  Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach are now receiving evacuees from the storm.

Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach may experience some storm surge winds (5% chance per National Storm Center maps - see links below).  Rip Tide warnings are also in effect in parts of the Gulf area, so please monitor flags and follow guidelines for caution.

Hurricane Ian - Sept 27, 2022 - 8:30am CST

As Hurricane Ian enters the gulf, it's forecasted to make landfall in the Tampa area on Thursday morning.  Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach will experience a few days of heavy wind and rains, beginning Wednesday.  If you are traveling to or from this area, or must be out and about, please be careful as you navigate the roads during the storms.  With this much rain, we may see some flash flooding.

PCB Forecast for the next few days:

Hurricane Ian - Sept 26, 2022 - 4:40pm CST

The most recent update to Hurricane Ian's projected path has shifted further to the east, targeting the Tampa area for landfall.  The Tampa Bay area is already beginning evacuations.  The newer predictions show Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach receiving some winds and rain for a few days, but then clearing fairly quickly.

Travel agencies are now reaching out to the Panama City Beach communities to identify available housing for refugees from the Tampa area.

Storm can change paths, and we will continue to monitor the path of this storm and post updates until it has safely past our area.

Hurricane Ian - Sept 26, 2022 - 11:30am CST

Tropical Storm Ian increased wind speeds as expected overnight and is now Hurricane Ian.  The expected path models have also shifted eastward, moving Panama City Beach more to the outlying area of the storm.  We do still expect rain and heavy winds in the area to begin on Wednesday morning.  The center of the storm is moving toward Tampa, and evacuation orders have been issued for the Tampa Bay area.  At this time there are no evacuation order for the panhandle.  We will continue to monitor the storm and post updates here.

Tropical Storm Ian - Sept 25, 2022 - 9:45am CST

Tropical Storm Ian continues to grow and move toward the Gulf of Mexico.   If the storm stays on it's current path, winds are expected to start in the panhandle coastal areas on Wednesday morning.  They expect to increase in intensity as the eye of the storm approaches, and the current forecast is for the storm to make landfall in the early hours on Friday morning.  Note that these are only projections, and depending upon how and when the storm moves over Cuba, the forecast could change significantly.  As the forecast models are updated, we will continue to post here.

Tropical Storm Ian - Sept 24, 2022

Tropical Depression Nine grew in strength overnight and has now been named Tropical Storm Ian ,  It is expected to increase to hurricane status over the weekend.  The expected trajectory has also moved more inward to the Gulf of Mexico, increasing the potential threat to the panhandle and our Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach areas.

The Florida Governor has already called for a State of Emergency to allow for emergency preparations to take place.  This is state-wide, encouraging everyone to be prepared as we monitor the storm's path.  Landfall to the panhandle area, on the current course, would be expected late Wednesday or early Thursday morning.

If a mandatory evacuation is required for our area, we will post details here, and will contact each affected Premium Beach Condos guest individually. Until then, please make note of hurricane preparations, and bookmark local news and emergency numbers and resources as noted below.

Tropical Depression Nine - Sept 23, 2022

Tropical Depression Nine is forming in the Caribbean, and worth watching, as it's path may head into the Gulf of Mexico.  If winds increase, it would become a named storm - likely Hermine or Ian, depending upon when the storm is named.  We will continue to monitor the storm until it either shows no chance of heading into our area, or until the storm has passed.

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